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3 Things You Should Know About Garage Door Installation

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May 4, 2022

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3 Things You Should Know About A Garage Door Installation

Investing in a garage door installation offers you increased safety and peace of mind, including the benefits of:

  • Compact and space-saving features due to its vertical operation
  • Convenient automation via remote control
  • Custom-made colours and materials & measured to suit your specific requirements
  • Easy access to your existing garage or industrial building
  • High-quality components and excellent mechanisms, provided by specialist roller door manufacturers
  • Industrial-grade roller shutter doors that consistently function correctly
  • Lightweight, user-friendly operation
  • Security through deterring intruders and protection against harsh natural elements

Can I Install A Garage Door Myself?

It’s possible to install a garage door solo. You’ll save on installation costs, but the main factor to consider is whether you have the necessary skill to complete the job correctly. Most garage door companies offer a full-service garage door installation. This includes the disassembly and disposal of your old garage door & the delivery & installation of your new garage door. While you may save on initial costs, you might spend more on transportation and other tools needed for the installation.

How Much Will a Garage Door Installation Cost Me?

The price of a garage door installation depends on the type of garage door, its size—single or double—, and the opening system & material you pick. Roller door installation prices start from roughly R3850, whereas sectional doors start from about R6850.

A quick search online for an industrial roller shutter doors price list will give you a fair idea of what to budget for. Keep in mind that prices will differ geographically, for example from what roller shutter doors manufacturers Gauteng has to offer in comparison to industrial roller shutter doors Cape Town manufacturers.

How Long Will A Garage Door Installation Take?

If you complete the garage door installation yourself, it can take approximately between 4-6 hours to replace a garage door system. If you replace a garage door with a new one that’s compatible with your existing structure, the installation process will be a lot simpler. A professional can generally complete an installation in about two hours, which saves you time and maximises efficiency.

Can I Install A New Garage Door On Old Tracks?

Out with the old, and in with the new! If you have dirty, rusty, old tracks, they belong with your old garage door. Your new garage door will work better with its new system, and it will also have better aesthetic appeal.

A new garage door installation is an attractive investment to your home or business premises and it’s best to replace everything in one go. By getting rid of the old tracks, there won’t be any risk to your garage door or your safety and your belongings can stay secure.

What Else Should I Know About A Garage Door Installation?

Safety and the correct tools are the keys to a successful garage door installation. Due to the heaviness of the door and its powerful spring, there are a few things a professional will check to make sure you’re good to go. An expert will also know the correct safe heavy lifting techniques to avoid accidents and injuries.

Before Your Garage Door Installation

Ahead of any garage door installation, a specialist will confirm that:

  • The structure for the roller door is strong enough to support the roller door’s weight
  • They have the appropriate tools to mount the roller door onto the wood or steel structure 
  • There is adequate clearance room above the doorway for the open roller door and its fittings
  • The surface above the doorway is smooth and without any obstructions & projections
  • There is sufficient space for the tracks on each side of the roller door’s doorway

A garage door installation involves the following three steps:

1.     Bolt Down the Brackets

  • Measure and mark the roller door width on each side of the doorway, allowing 50mm for the bracket’s inside line.
  • Drill three holes, bolting down the brackets into position on either side of the doorway.
  • Lift the rolled-up roller door onto the brackets, with it rolling down the front side.
  • Free and centre the floating axle, loosely fitting the saddle, U bolts, keepers, nuts & washers.
  • Centre the roller door with the opening, centring the axle with the roller door.

2.     Secure the Springs

  • Secure the axle firmly to the brackets, using the U bolts while tightly locking the washers and nuts.
  • Rotate the door twice in a forward direction, applying tension to the spring.
  • Hold the door firmly, maintaining tension and cut the plastic straps.
  • Slowly and carefully pull the roller door curtain down, positioning the wooden chock to help hold the roller door until the tracks have been fitted.

3.     Attach and Tighten the Tracks

  • Pull down the roller door, checking that it overlaps equally on both sides of the doorway.
  • Slide the first track over the edge of one of the roller door’s sides, fixing the track loosely to the wall using the fasteners.
  • Repeat on the roller door’s other edge, making sure both tracks are completely vertical.
  • Let the roller door travel up and down, checking for the correct tension & adjusting the track positions where necessary, before tightening both tracks securely.
  • Fasten the handle to the outside of the roller door.

What Should I Remember After A Garage Door Installation?

If you’ve made use of reliable roller door manufacturers, you shouldn’t have many post-installation problems, if at all. After a garage door installation is complete, there are a few things you can do to ensure that the roller door stays in tip-top shape.

After Your Garage Door Installation

A successful garage door installation will use high-quality, durable materials with long-lasting finishes that only need minimal routine upkeep. If you look after your roller shutter garage door well, you can avoid costly repairs.

Keep your roller shutter door looking neat and functioning well by carrying out the following preventative & protective maintenance approximately every six months:

  • Use a soft cloth or sponge and mild soap or detergent solution in warm water to wash the door curtain surface.
  • Completely remove the detergent by thoroughly rinsing the door with clean water immediately after cleaning.
  • Keep an eye out for signs of general wear and tear & inspect the brackets, cables, fasteners, springs and weather seal.
  • Use grease and oil to lubricate the springs.
  • Clean the tracks periodically with spirit cleaner.
  • Test the springs with a balance test.

What’s A Balance Test?

If you aren’t sure how effective your domestic roller shutter doors springs are, a balance test can tell you. Fully close the roller door and lift it to your waist. If it stays at waist height, your springs are still in order; if it doesn’t, it might be time to rebalance and re-tension your springs.

A broken spring or spring that’s unknowingly incorrectly adjusted can cause severe injury or even be fatal. If you have any concerns regarding your garage door installation or roller shutter door springs, ensure they’re adjusted and maintained by the experts who know what they’re doing!

Why Should I Pick A Professional Garage Door Installation Team?

Home or industrial projects can be costly, but quality workmanship doesn’t need to break the bank. You may think you’ll save money by installing your roller shutter garage door by yourself, but safe and smooth operation is vital. Added to this, each brand & type of roller door has its own specifications and measurements, so to ensure you have a correctly installed door bought from roller door manufacturers, let the pros to do it for you!

Whether you opt for roller shutter doors manufacturers Gauteng residents recommend or take another look online for your local industrial roller shutter doors price list for the industrial roller shutter doors Cape Town can provide, you can’t go wrong with a solid manufacturer and specialist installation.

By picking a professional garage door installation team like Universal Garage Doors, you’ll benefit from:

  • Excellent service from start to finish
  • Guaranteed workmanship for each garage door installation, to make sure it’s correctly installed the first time
  • Uncontested experience that stands the test of time
  • Expert knowledge and assistance with garage door repairs should any of the components that are causing your door to break down need repairing or replacing
  • Access to suppliers and repairs of a wide variety of garage door motors
  • Gate motors that add convenience and safety & provide you with an automated driveway gate into your domestic or industrial roller shutter door garage
  • Functional electric fencing for extra security


It’s best to let professionals handle the job from the get-go. Find a professional garage door installation team who are reliable, believe in their products and stand by their workmanship. For the guarantee of every single job they handle, Universal Garage Doors are the specialists.

With an offering of modern wooden and steel garage doors in their range, & all doors available in a single & double garage door configuration, you can’t go wrong with their expert advice & top-notch installations.

Let Universal help you source your ideal domestic or industrial garage door, and promptly & efficiently handle the garage door installation to make sure your garage door fits just right & functions at its best every single time!

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